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Friday, August 18, 2006

A brief message from your station manager

Another Dreamtime podcast is in the works, but in the interim, I've been experimenting with an idea, using Pandora to come up with variant Theme Time "radio stations," if you will. Pandora is a so-called "music discovery service," where you tell it what you like in terms of music and artists and it plays back music similar to what you've selected (eventually it will even play exactly what you've selected).

So, I've been plugging in various Theme Time play lists, thanks to the good efforts of the people at "Not Dark Yet," and the results to date can be heard by clicking any of the links over in the left-hand column. Some of the music on the stations is pretty good, if not quite as good as what Our Host might pick. And some of the music is exceedingly strange, such as on the "Mama Don't Allow," station as one might expect from a play list that includes stuff from LL Cool J, the Rolling Stones, Merle Haggard, and Ruth Brown. The "Wine, Wine, Wine" one is pretty weird too.

I've also tossed in the ubquitious Dylan station, and a personal favorite I created long ago, "The Rose & the Briar," music from the book and CD of the same name.

Pandora is free, I don't get anything from your clicking on the link. Like Dreamtime, the work involved, such as it is, is a labor of love. Enjoy, and if you create your own station, let me know. Oh, and for my non-U.S. listeners without a ZIP, any of these should work.

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