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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Episode 8 - 14 Views of the Big City

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14 Views of the Big City

Night time in the big city

The moon goes behind a cloud
Rain is fallin', fog rolls in from the waterfront

A Styrofoam coffee cup rolls across the street

A truck drops off tomorrow's newspapers
Two sailors get out of a cab

Angry prostitutes fight over a street corner

It's night in the big city.

Somewhere, a car alarm goes off
An ambulance races through downtown
An off duty cop parks in front of his ex-wife's house

A woman walks barefoot, her high heels in her hand bag

Pizza parlor is locking up
It's night time in the big city

A drunken security guard drops his flashlight
A truck driver runs a red light
The strange, quiet man practices Tai Chi in the park

A night shift nurse smokes the last cigarette in her pack
A married couple has a late night snack A man buys a pack of gum, steals a nail clipper
Two pairs of sneakers are strung over a phone line

Night time in the big city

A woman watches her neighbor through binoculars
A cat knocks over a lamp

Night time in the big city

A man gets drunk, and shaves off his mustache

Night time in the big city

The wind picks up from over the bay

It's night time in the big city
It's night time in the big city

Outside, the dogs are barking.

This has been Episode 8 of the Dreamtime podcast: 14 Views of the Big City; a tone poem suggested by an idea from Karl Erik, at Expecting Rain. From the opening segments of Theme Time Radio Hour – Episodes 1 through 14. Author unknown, reader unknown… but there is much speculation.

Dreamtime is not associated with XM Radio, Theme Time, or Bob Dylan. Until next week, dream on…

1 comment:

anita said...

thanks for doing this...

pretty sure now that it's Ellen Barkin... since episode 15 included a contribution from her which pretty much confirms the voice as the same.