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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Episode 12 - Love, Theft, and Emails


Episode 12 - Love, Theft, and Emails

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[Dylan - Email]

Time for a change of pace again and time to answer some of the emails that have been coming into Dreamtime. First up is a letter from two brothers, Johnny and Jack Richard from Birmingham, Alabama, one of my favorite towns. They write,

Dear Dreamtime,

We love your show and we're glad it's a podcast so we can listen to it during the day, since our Mom won't let us stay up late. But we have a question: how come you call it Dreamtime, and how come you never play any John Lennon, our Mom wants to know?
Well, that's two questions, J&J, but I'll let it go this time. I call it "Dreamtime" because Mr. Dylan calls his show, "Theme Time," and I like the rhyme. Plus, his tag-line is "Themes, Dreams and Schemes." But "Scheme Time" didn't make any sense.

Tell your Mom I'll play some Lennon and/or Beatles music when "Theme Time" does. But while we're waiting, here's a song you all will enjoy, played by your namesakes, the singing brother act, Johnnie & Jack, who weren't brothers at all, but brothers-in-law.

[Uncle John's Bongos]

That was Johnnie & Jack and their song from way back in 19 and 61, "Uncle John's Bongos." Johnnie's wife was a lady named Muriel Deason who, if you're a fan of country music, you'll know better as Kitty Wells. Johnnie & Jack made the Billboard country charts a total of 15 times - with and without Kitty.

In 19 and 63, Jack would die in a car crash - ironically while he was on his way to a memorial service for Patsy Cline, herself killed in a plane crash - ending the team of Johnnie & Jack.

Here's an email from Roberta Warren of Washington, D.C….
Dear Dreamtime,

So, how was the Dylan concert at the Manchester ballpark that you said you were going to way back in Episode 2?
Well, Roberta, I gotta tell you, I'm sorry to say I discovered I wasn't the True Fan I make myself out to be. That day was the coldest day of the Summer this year, and it was either drizzling or raining hard all day.

And you know what? They don't allow umbrellas in ball parks. Guess they're scared you might poke out someone's eye, I guess. Now, I love Bob Dylan, but I'm smart enough to come in out of the rain, especially when I don't have an umbrella.

Sorry, Bob.

Here's someone I'd go listen to rain or shine, in the Summer Days or the Summer nights… Big Joe Turner with "Roll `Em, Pete."

[Roll `Em Pete]

Big Joe's gal got eyes like diamonds, they shine like Klondike gold. And all he wants is a little loving from her, cause he knows she's going to die someday. Just wants a little loving, he does, before she passes away.

More email here from Brenda Starr, down the road in Cambridge, MA. Brenda writes,
Dear Dreamtime,

I love your shows, especially the one about Tiny Tim, but how come you're doing them? Forgive me, but you don't sound like a natural radio talent.
Well, thanks, Brenda. I'm doing Dreamtime for lots of reasons, but mostly because I love radio, and always wanted to be on it. But today's radio ain't radio… programmed-ized, homogenized, stupefied. I want the radio back that I grew up with as a kid, with DJ's like Wolfman Jack - before he got popular - and Dusty Roads, and Outrageous Nevada, Stephen Seagull, and the Night Bird. I want DJ's who played whatever they felt like… like Bob Dylan does.

Here's someone you're not likely to hear on any commercial radio soon, Eddie James House, Jr., better known as Son House, with "Low Down Dirty Dog Blues." from 19 and 42.

[Low Down Dirty Dog Blues]

You know, I think Son House liked songs with "Dog" in the title. Some of the other ones he recorded included, "Sic 'Em Dogs On," "Weary Dog Blues," "Baby Please Don't Dog Me 'Round," and "Police Dog Blues." Dylan could have done the whole "Dogs" show just using Son House tunes!

Well, I'm tired of being insulted in emails, so I think I'll play something to cheer myself up before I read another one. Here's one of my favorites, Billie Holiday, also known as Lady Day, who's having herself a time.

[Having Myself A Time]

"Having Myself A Time," was written by the team of Ralph Rainger and Leo Robin. Some of their other hits included "La Bomba," "Blue Hawaii," "Easy Living," which was another hit for Billie Holiday, and the Bob Hope theme song, "Thanks for the Memory."

Okay, I'm feeling better now, so let's go back to the emails. Here's one from someone whose name I can't read… looks like the ink got smeared. They write…
Dear Dreamtime,

Why do you think Dylan plays mostly old music on "Theme Time"? Don't you think he likes Modern Times?
Hmmm. Is that some sort of joke?

I like old songs too, and here's a classic from the '30s and the golden age of dance bands. If it's not too much to ask, think of a moonlight lake, a dance hall, and the girl of your dreams floating in your arms and snuggled on your shoulder

[Snuggled On Your Shoulder]

If "Snuggled on Your Shoulder" sounds like it could be from a Woody Allen movie, you're right. Allen used the composer's - Carmen Lombardo - music in several movies, including "Annie Hall," and "Radio Days." Carmen's more famous brother was Guy, who, if you're as old as me and Dylan, you probably listened to on New Year's Eve, before it got rockin'.

Well, the big clock on the wall says there's no more time for any more emails, but keep those electronic cards and letters coming, please.

We're closing out with another oldie, "Lonesome Road," by the voice of the Southland, Gene Austin.

[Lonesome Road]

This has been Fred Bals with the Dreamtime podcast - occasional commentary on Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour weekly show… and occasionally commentary on something else. Dreamtime is not associated with XM Radio or Bob Dylan, but sometimes sees other associations. Until next week, dream on, my brothers and sisters.

Sources: Bob Dylan's Hidden Inspiration ; Johnnie & Jack biography from ; Son House discography; Roll `Em Pete lyrics

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