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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Best wishes for the New Year from Your Station Manager

One of the (many) joys of doing Dreamtime is the feedback from listeners/readers. I'd do it anyway :-), but hearing that people really enjoy the podcast is an added benefit. And sometimes you even hear from one of your heroes...

Dickie "Be-Bop" Harrell - the original drummer for Gene Vincent's Blue Caps - recently dropped me a line, complimenting me on my story about Tommy Facenda (Episode 16 – "Gene Vincent said, 'Bubba, let's go on tour'") and passed on a reunion photo of the Blue Caps. Click on the photo for a larger version.

From Left to Right: Johnny Meeks, guitar; Tommy "Bubba" Facenda, vocals, clapper; and Dickie "Be-Bop" Harrell, drums.

We used to play these shows in the beginning; we had George Jones and Carl Perkins and Roy Orbison and different ones and this and that. We played shows with Johnny Burnette. And at that time, when we were doing all this stuff for them, the big thing for them was just to go out there and do their thing. But hell, we'd go out there and act stupid and fall all over the damn place and jump in the audience and run up and down the aisles and all that. They'd just sit around and look and just think you lost your damn mind! - Be-Bop Harrell
Rockabilly gods. Thanks for writing, Be-Bop! And thanks to all my listeners and to everyone who has written in. The staff of Dreamtime - Jailbait, Curly, Bear, and Your Host wish you a happy and safe New Year. More Dreamtime coming in 2007!

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