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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sammy Davis, Jr. and James Brown

Need I say more? From Sammy's infamous mid-70s variety/talk show, "Sammy & Company," which I would kill for to own a complete DVD set. "Sammy & Company" was one of those shows that drugs were invented for. This description from "The Society Page" pretty much captures the frisson of each show

"... It was a talk show where all they did was kiss each other's butts. Sammy would come out and do his number. The crowd would applaud. He would cry and thank the audience for being so wonderful. Then a guest would come out and Sammy would fawn all over him. The guest would reply in kind by fawning all over Sammy. Sammy would volley back a barrage of flattery. The guest would return the favor:

'I have to say this. I can't keep it to myself anymore. You are one of the greatest talents in the world.' (Applause).'

'Oh, no, no. Get out of here, Sammy. YOU are the greatest entertainer in the world and you know it!' (Wild Applause)

' Man, oh, man... you're great. But really, YOU'RE the best. Not me. I worship the ground you walk on. (Tears) I really do, man.I love you!' (A few claps, tears from the audience)

'I LOVE YOU, SAMMY! WE ALL LOVE YOU! Isn't that right, everybody?' (Sammy and guest hug (Wild, wild applause, whistling, tears)

'Man, would you like to do another number?'

'Only if you sing it with me Sammy!'(Applause)

(Sammy and guest take the stage and butcher a then current Top 40 hit) Then another guest would come out and it would start all over."

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