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Sunday, May 20, 2007

"Love And Theft" promo

A couple of Theme Time connections here. The dealer is Ricky Jay, magician, connoisseur of cons, card trickster, and member of Dylan's posse (who incidentally has a wonderful CD compilation, Ricky Jay Plays Poker, which could have been the play list for a Theme Time show), and the bald player in sunglasses is Eddie Gorodetsky, producer and probable announcer of TTRH.

Interesting poker hand going on here. Eddie G. is holding four 9s, and Mr D. the King through 10 of Hearts. With a significant look at Ricky, Dylan throws away a club, and Ricky deals him the Ace of Hearts, and the Royal Flush nutz. However, a woman enters the room (a commenter at YouTube speculates it's actress Laura Harring), more significant looks are exchanged, and the two women players at the table suddenly attack Dylan. Ricky and Eddie grab for the pot and the mucked cards.

Dylan reseats himself and smiles at Jay, who returns it, so they're apparently happy at the outcome. But why? Who knows? In the art of the con maybe this was the set-up for a larger con.

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