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Friday, February 01, 2008

Rants and Raves: "This isn't a classroom here."

In my copious free time, I need to document the various rants Dylan occasionally lets forth on TTRH. I think this one, from the recent Lock & Key episode, ranks as #3 among my favorites, right behind "What happened to country music?" and "Commercial affiliation."

Note the perfect, stubborn geekiness of "Tim," who isn't going to let go from his assertion that, by God, it was the wrong label, no matter what Mr. D. says:

Our Host: "What's that Tex? Someone needs to talk to me on Line 2? All right. Hello caller, you're on the air. What's your name and where you calling from?"

Tim: "Yeah, uh, my name is Tim Ziegler calling from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois."

OH: "Why, that's beautiful country. What can I do for you, Tim?"

Tim: "Yeah, uh, I've been listening to the show all day, and that song you just played, 'Somebody Done Changed the Lock on My Door.' Well, you know, you told everyone it was on the King Record label, and, uh, I went to Wikipedia and sorry to tell you, it was on Apollo Records."

OH: "Huh! What do ya know? You're probably right, Tim. You know, sometimes we tell you who wrote the song, what kind of music it is, who else recorded it. But, you know, sometimes we don't get it right. I mean, it's important to remember, this isn't a classroom here. This is music we're playing. It's music of the field, of the pool hall. The back alley crap game. The bar room and the bedroom. We don't want to make it dusty and academic. It's full of sweat and blood. It's like life itself. If every once in awhile we get a name wrong, or we tell you it's on the wrong label, it's not going to kill anybody, Tim. Just listen to the music."

Tim: "Well, I hear what you're saying. But, ah, you know, it was on the Apollo Record label."

OH: "Thanks for your call, Tim."

Tim: "Yeah, thanks."

OH: "Well, there's no pleasing some people. That was 'Somebody Done Changed the Lock on My Door' by Wynonie Harris on the Apollo Record label. You happy, Tim?"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Have to say, I agree with Tim here. If you're going to give information, might as well give correct information. After all, he's got a half dozen credited researchers working on this stuff. If it were only about the music, why name the artists, titles, or labels at all? Just play the stuff. That said, didn't much care for the supposed caller's "gotcha" tone.