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Friday, March 28, 2008

More on the unedited version of Chronicles: Volume One

The saga of the unedited version of Chronicles: Volume One continues with Mike Hobo posting a video interview with Zainab McCoy, the lady offering what is apparently an early uncorrected galleys/authors proof copy of the book.

As our friends over at RightWingBob correctly point out, referring to it as a "manuscript" isn't entirely accurate, but if the one page that Ms. McCoy has released is any indication, it could be a fascinating document. In an email to RightWingBob, Ms. McCoy (who also sent a note to Dreamtime on our posting about that excerpt) noted,

"...If you think that page had a spectacular error you’d die laughing at the rest. I’ve come to believe that the rest of the deleted text could be source material for writing a psychoanalytical novel about the man himself..."
The video doesn't add any extra information, although it's always nice to have a face to go with the name. As I said before, I hope Ms. McCoy's copy ends up with someone - or at someplace - where the material can be made available to researchers.

Based on my experience, that also won't be the only copy of the uncorrected galleys - I suspect there are several more out there.


The Flaming Bassit said...

Thank you for the positive thoughts but it saddens me that you and and the right winger Sean waste time playing with semantics and casting doubt on the authenticity of the manuscript instead of focusing on the positive "Wow what generous thing this lady has done giving this page out to Dylan’s fans around the world for free".

In the world of musicians, artist and writers in which I live and the world of publishing the word manus or manuscript is what is referred to as; an author’s text for a book, article, or other piece of written work as it is submitted for publication. (Encarta dictionary). It also refers to a handwritten manus but nobody writes an entire manuscript by hand anymore. But if you two guys like the term uncorrected galleys/authors proof copy of the book, I like it. It sounds more exotic and it swings.
About other copies boys; fortunately for me it would be unethical for any living registered translator to publicly sell his copy. On top of that he would probably never be given a translating gig again. I am not a translator; I am a widow woman musician. Hans Marius and I had to swear and oath of secrecy before the book was published. The publishers were very surprised when I told them I still have the original manuscript because they trashed theirs, which is typical of people who don’t appreciate the esoteric aesthetic value of art or artist. Did you know that Bob is nearly four years late with releasing Chronicles volume 2? I interviewed the former Chief editor at DAMM/Egmont about the making of Chronicles in 2006. I asked him “How can Bob get away with being so late delivering part 2 of Chronicles and he responded “Well he’s not just Bob Dylan, he an industry. We just have to be patient”. He asked me what I thought the problem was I said “Stay turned for part two of the Flaming Bassist”.
You can bet there won’t be any unedited copies of Chronicle-volume 2 manuscript sent around.
Zainab McCoy/The Flaming Bassist

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't that a great thrill, Bob Dylan getting the Pulitzer Prize?

Check out part two of my Saga 'Bob Dylan's Miracle Manuscript''.

Zainab McCoy