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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Eddie & Coco and News on Season 3

A very interesting email from Dreamtime listener, Richard...

"So I was at Amoeba Records in Hollywood last Sunday and was thumbing through the Porter Wagoner section to see if they had the new Bear Family 3 CD set of his concept albums. Guy next to me sees what I'm doing and asks if I'm looking for the Bear Family set too.

I turn to tell him I am and its Eddie G (I recognized him from the DVD with the Ricky Jay Plays Poker set). I ask him if he's Eddie G, tell him how I know him and we start talking. Very nice guy.

He introduces me to his wife, Coco [Shinomiya]. He asks me what I'm buying today (Carlene Carter and Jim Lauderdale) and shows me his stash for the day (Carlene Carter, some blues comps, some Tex-Mex, etc) .

Also tells me that he just spoke to Elvis Costello yesterday. Carlene opened for E.C. at a show in Nashville and put on, according to Elvis, a dynamite set. I tell him how much I like the Dylan show. He tells me that he's very proud of that show and that they're working now on shows for the fall. We didn't get into specifics but he says he thinks the third season will be the best yet..."
A little research indicated that Coco, who gets name-checked on the closing credits of TTRH, is indeed married to Eddie G. A "Coco Grimes Gorodetsky" wife to an "Eddie Gorodetsky" was a character in an episode of Six Feet Under, written by Scott Buck, who's a good friend of Eddie G.

So, it also does look we're waiting till the Fall for the next round of Theme Time. Scribble, scribble, scribble, please, Mr. G.

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keeps said...

...apocryphal at best !

Anonymous said...

FYI, EG is also in the film, M&A.