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Monday, November 17, 2008

Reminder: "War" Episode Reportedly 90 Mins.

If you're into taping TTRH, you'll want to give the upcoming November 12 "War" episode an extra 30 minutes.  According to this Rolling Stone article, the show will be 90 minutes long, which would make  it the first hour-and-half Theme Time ever aired. 

As a piece of trivia, which is what Dreamtime is all about, there's been to date three TTRH 2-hour specials - "Christmas and New Year"; "Spring Cleaning"; and "President's Day" - and the unique "Time" show from Season 1, which ran into overtime at around 70 minutes.

If RS is correct, "War" should run from 11-12:30 pm this Wednesday, November 12.

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