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Friday, April 24, 2009

Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour - The Best Of The Second Series

Music from Theme Time Radio Hour is obviously popular. The CD branch of ISIS magazine, Chrome Dreams, has now issued its third compilation, this one focused on music played on TTRH during the show's second season.

"The Best Of The Second Series" contains 50 tracks from Season 2's 25 shows, music ranging from The Carter Family's Hello Stranger to T-Bone Walker's Cold, Cold Feeling. As usual with the commercial releases, the compilation contains no Dylan commentary nor other TTRH features past the music. The blurb notes that Derek Barker (editor of ISIS as well as the author of several very good books) provides extensive liner notes." The blurb over at ISIS also relates the interesting piece of trivia that 369 songs were played over Season 2.

The compilation doesn't look like it's hit the Amazon shelves yet, but it can be found at either ISIS or at the Chrome Dreams sites.


On a somewhat related and unhappy note, as you probably know Together Through Life started leaking all over the interwebs late Wednesday. Several well-intentioned but misguided people have sent me links to the stolen album, including even the "Friends and Neighbors" bonus disc, which would be amusing if it wasn't so sad.  I've also had to remove one link from my blogroll because of this. 

Let me make it clear.  I do not want the links.  I do not want the stolen albums.  I do not want to be linking to them not matter how well-meaning your intentions. Personally, I can wait until Tuesday, which is the release date and when I expect Together Through Life to show up in my mailbox.

I've said it before, I'll say it again.  The whole bootleg/illegal download thing is a messy subject, and ultimately it's up to your own conscience as to how you handle it.  I'm not interested in debates, rationalizations, or explanations on the subject. I have my own personal guidelines, which yes, are probably inconsistent upon examination.  But they are mine, as are my opinions.

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T. Zether said...

Thanks a lot for that statement!
You're NOT alone with that opinion.
All pirates STINKS!