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Monday, April 20, 2009

The NY Daily News on "Goodbye"

The link is over in the TTRH News & Views column to your right, too.  But I wanted to make a couple of comments that I can't do there.

David Hinckley, in today's NY Daily News, does a credible job reporting on Wednesday's "Goodbye" show. Hinckley is the same journalist who reported last year that Season 3 would begin on September 19th 2008, which it didn't. However, unlike last year's article which read as if it been tossed off in a couple of minutes, Hinckley appears to have put some legwork and thought into his speculation that this really is goodbye for Theme Time Radio Hour.

Right now, neither Dylan nor Sirius XM has made any definitive declaration beyond rerunning shows. A note on the XM "Deep Tracks" page last week mentioned "the fall season"; then that disappeared, and the company isn't returning phone calls.
That isn't entirely true.  The "note" he refers to on the Deep Tracks site is back, probably because an "encore" show airs later today.  It reads in full:
Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour | This Week: "Goodbye"
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Take a trip back to the golden age of radio with music hand-selected by Bob Dylan, from his personal collection. Listen as he weaves his own brand of radio with dreams, schemes and themes. This week Theme Time Radio Hour is 90 minutes and says "Goodbye" until the Fall season. Next week we begin a season of replays from this and past years.
The bolding is mine.

That blurb notwithstanding, Hinckley goes on to list all the solid reasons on we may have heard the last original TTRH.  Lee Abrams gone; the Cadillac sponsorship ended; Sirius XM desperate to cut costs.  And as he says, you can't listen to the "Goodbye" show without feeling that it's really over.

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SatRadKid said...

All SiriusXM P.R.'s released, BY

SiriusXM, Mentions 2 Names

Bob Dylan
Howard Stern

That's NOT to say TTRH could be