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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Return To Me - Dean Martin

Audiences of Mr. D.'s current European tour shouldn't feel too bad that - so far - they've missed out on hearing any live performances from Together Through Life. He's been treating different venues to rarities, including the first-ever live performance of Return to Me, a hit for Dean Martin in 19 and 58, and which Dylan covered in December 2000 for use in "The Sopranos."

Not only Elvis wanted to be Dean Martin, to paraphrase Our Host's remark in the "Weather" episode of Theme Time Radio Hour. Dylan's version of the song was eventually released on "The Sopranos" soundtrack album, and you can find the mp3 at Amazon at the link above.

Return to Me was co-written by Carmen Lombardo, younger brother of the better-known Guy. He also wrote Snuggled On Your Shoulder, which Bob Dylan would adapt for his own purposes for "Love and Theft"'s Floater. You can hear Lombardo's original and compare the two on Episode 12 of the Dreamtime podcast, where we explore the roots of that album in Love, Theft, and Emails.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the great rendition of Chris Isaak on Baja Sessions.