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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dr. Jive brings the Apollo to the Ed Sullivan Show

The work Dreamtime goes to for its listeners/viewers, you wouldn't believe.

From November 20, 19 and 55, New York DJ Tommy Smalls (Dr. Jive) brings about 10 minutes of one of his legendary Apollo Theater shows to the living rooms of America via the Ed Sullivan Show.

Featured in the jam-packed session are Bo Diddley, LaVern Baker, the Five Keys doing a very politically incorrect Ling Ting Tong, and Willis "Gator Tail" Jackson's Orchestra, whose closing set just about burns down Studio 50.

For Dreamtime readers too young to remember much about Ed Sullivan, he was an entertainment gossip columnist for the New York Daily News turned improbable successful television host. His stone-faced demeanor and bobbled introductions were legendary. This clip is a classic example, as Sullivan comes up with in quick succession, "roll and rhythm," "rhythm and roll," and my personal favorite "rhythm and color," before remembering that the term he wants is "rhythm and blues."

A larger - although no better in quality clip is available at YouTube here.


Anonymous said...

I caught most of the Ed Sullivan shows but missed this one. However, I rarely ever missed the Dr. Jive broadcasts between 3 and 5:30 Pm each day.

He's the Doctor with the beat, put the rhythm in your feet, and rhythm in the feet, supplies the heat to keep you feelin' ... and neat. Or something like that.

Loved that Doctor!

Anonymous said...

Rest In Peace
Tommy Smalls Jr. (Dr. Jive's Son)
November 2007

Thanks For Your Friendship,

Fred@Dreamtime said...

I'm sad to hear that Tommy Smalls, Jr. has passed away. Neal. I would have loved to interview him about his father. Thanks for posting your comment.



RadioLady said...

I am saddened to hear of Tommy Smalls, Jr. passing. When I was doing my research for my book covering his father's career in radio, he was very beneficial in assisting me. Each time he would come to Atlanta, we would go out for dinner. He had that Radio Voice just like his father.


Anonymous said...

I grew checking out Dr. Jive in Hempstead, New York. I became one of Americas most heard jocks during the 70's early 80's. I'm about the entire experience now in my book "Blues-Rock-News/WLAC-Randy's" Thank you Dr. Jive and other New York jocks back in the day.

Spider Harrison-