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Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Theme Time Radio Hour Poster

via The Expecting Rain TTRH Forum and BoingBoing:

"Coop says, "My pal Eddie Gorodetsky is producer of Bob Dylan's amazing XM satellite radio show, 'Theme Time Radio Hour.' Eddie recently commissioned another pal, 'Love & Rockets' co-creator Jaime Hernandez, to create a promotional poster for the show. I've seen this thing in person, and it's insane. Each of the vignettes in the poster is based on the faux-noir voiceover that starts each episode of the show."

Click the image to your left for a large-size view (warning - very large. May take a bit to load). Here's a link to the poster's page at There's no announced price, nor is it in the Bob Dylan store (yet).

So, our first "official" look at the the Abernathy and environs. Samson's Diner (note the spelling) is in the next building over. Elmo's is further down the street. Carl's Barbershop is in the Abernathy itself, as it should be. The Abernathy is close to the harbor - dig the battleship in the background.

I'm sure some enterprising TTRH fan will quickly annotate the poster. Who knows? I might do it myself.

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