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Monday, March 03, 2008

Dylan Artist's Choice CD Available Through Amazon

... through resellers at prices ranging from $14.97 to $27.99(!), plus $2.98 shipping. The price at a U.S. Starbucks shop for the CD is $15.99, and it can also be ordered online (by U.S. residents) at that price plus shipping at

As I noted in the Expecting Rain TTRH forums, the music on the CD is a bit of a mixed bag, kind of like TTRH itself, and I can't wholeheartedly recommend it at a pricey $15.99, which works out to .99 cents a track.

The liner notes add some value - for instance, Dylan
knows a guy named Harold who usually shows up when he plays Fort Worth, and always gives him a bag of unlabeled CDs - but it's really a caveat emptor sort of thing. If you're a True Fan and not entirely rational - which pretty well describes me - you'll probably pick up the CD no matter what. If you're on the fence about it, I'd go check iTunes /Amazon for some of the cuts first.

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