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Saturday, March 08, 2008

XM Radio on AOL Ending April 30, 2008

... which means no more Deep Tracks/TTRH available through AOL Radio. XM is making a "special offer" for XM Radio Online to transition people over. Details below.

Excerpted from the XM Radio FAQ/Press Release:

"... on April 30, 2008 the 10 AOL Radio channels on XM Radio Online will no longer be available...

XM has created a limited time offer on XM Radio Online for AOL radio listeners. XM Radio Online will be available at $2.99 plus a free 14-day trial for six months. After six months than the current monthly subscription rate for XM Radio Online will apply.The offer will only be available during the promotional period of 3.7.08 - 5.30.08. To be eligible for the promotional pricing you must sign up for the 14-day trial by 5.30.08 and activate your account at $2.99 by 6.13.08.

Signup link:"
Fwiw, I've been a subscriber to XM Radio Online at the standard monthly rate of $7.99 since TTRH went on the air in 2006. It's not a bad deal if you spend most of your day on the computer, as I do, and there are several channel/shows I listen to regularly besides Deep Tracks/TTRH. If you're in the U.S., I'd recommend the 14-day free trial. Listeners outside the U.S. are unfortunately going to need to explore other alternatives.

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