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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can Sirius XM Radio handle its $3.4b debt?

excerpted from The Boston Globe:

As the purchase of XM Satellite Radio by larger rival Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. closed yesterday, questions remained over whether the combined company can handle its $3.4 billion in debt, including $1.1 billion due next year.

Also murky was how quickly the companies can mesh their technologies without angering consumers....

...In the past, the companies have mentioned offering a "best of both" service for $17 a month, compared to the current price for one of the services at $13 a month.

Sirius and XM haven't disclosed which programming the best-of service will include. And there's no guarantee Howard Stern will be available to XM customers or that Sirius customers will see Major League Baseball games, for instance....

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1 comment:

Bill said...

I suppose it is something that you need to live with and explore a bit, but on those occasions when I've had Sirius in rental cars I have not found that there's anything it offers which I would prefer to XM. It'd be nice to have NFL games, but having all of MLB is nicer. I've never been a Stern fan, so that's no inducement for me-- the choice between Dylan and Stern is no choice at all, as far as I'm concerned. Add Tom Petty to the mix and XM seems to be the obvious winner in terms of programing. I would like two channels of NPR, but at some point it all becomes too much. Satellite, broadcast and my iPod means that I have entertainment in my car that equals or exceeds what I have in my house.