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Friday, July 11, 2008

Congrats to Kevin from Maryland - Winner of the Dylan Tix!

Many in the Dreamtime audience get their info from the blog through its feed rather than visiting, so, even though I've updated the "Dylan Tix" post from yesterday with the info, here it is again for my feed reading audience.

We received a flurry of email , almost all around the same time.  Kevin from Maryland, who noted that he "lived in the Pittsburgh area for 11 years and would be happy to make the trip back..." was the first in our mailbox and our winner of the two tickets to the NAMU Music Festival on August 8 and 9.. Congratulations, Kevin!  And thanks again to Christina at the Advance Guard for offering Dreamtime the tickets.

Although not a surprise, it was kind of neat to read how far people were willing to travel to catch Mr. D. Hundreds of miles, in some instances.  As Jackie Gleason once said of Miami Beach, Bob Dylan fans really are "the greatest audience in the world."

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