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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"And Jackie, have you ever seen a Victoria's Secret ad?"

"A lot of musicians have always been proud to have commercial affiliation. Sonny Boy Williamson sold flour. I can't imagine Sonny Boy saying, 'My blues is too sacred. I wouldn't sell flour.' Jimmie Rodgers sold biscuits. Sheryl Crow sells hair dye. More power to her.

"And Jackie, have you ever seen a Victoria's Secret ad?" - Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour, "Days of the Week" episode.

A couple of commercial affiliation notices.  First, a heart-felt thanks to the various messages of support - some from unexpected sources - we've received over the past few weeks.  It's much appreciated.  Dreamtime has weathered various storms over the years,  We'll weather this one too.

A number of our Great Britain and European reader/listeners asked if we could put up affiliate links to, since that's where they did their shopping rather tham  If you look over in the right column now, you'll find a link to Dreamtime as well as an search box.  The deal is the same as with the U.S. amazon.  Start your visit to Amazon through Dreamtime, and if you make any purchases, we get a small piece of the action, at no additional cost to you. Can we make a living from it?   Nope.  Does it help offset our Jones for books and music?  Definitely yes.

You'll also see a new web widget at the top of the page, this one a promotion for Mr. D's forthcoming Together Through Life.  I'm still tinkering with it, but it currently has a live news feed about the album; a Twitter feed from DylanTweets; one of my ubiquitous countdown clocks; and a purchase link to  I'll be adding more stuff as releases it.  You'll see a small "Share" button at the bottom right, or you can go to this link to see a list of various platforms you can embed the widget on.  So if you're into Facebook, iGoogle, MySpace, et al; feel free to grab the widget and use it on your own site.  That's what it's there for.

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