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Monday, March 30, 2009

(Near) Aultmore House‎ Nethy Bridge, Scotland, UK

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UPDATE: Reader "Fossil" notes in the comments that the Google marker is not pinned on Aultmore House but on a building that he himself restored and lived in and which is at the same general address as The Aultmore. Fossil points to another residence that can (fuzzily) be seen in the clearing about 800 meters NxNW from the marker as the actual Aultmore House. Thanks for the correction, Fossil!

Rumor has it that you and your sweetie may be able to rent Mr. D.'s "Edwardian hideaway" that he bought back in 2007 for around £2,000 per day - around $3k for us Yanks at the current exchange rate. For that you get access to a 10 bedroom mansion, although again rumor has it that only two people at a time are allowed to stay overnight in the main building due to "fire and health regulations." However, outlying cottages are reportedly also available for rental at the less budget-busting price of £350 to £450.

The first floor of the main building has a reception hall with marble fireplace, drawing room with black marble fireplace, sitting room with fireplace, and steps to a garden room with marble mosaic floor and double doors to the garden, dining room with mahogany fireplace, and a billiard room.

The staff of the house politically will neither "confirm nor deny" the story. However, it may be indicative that you can again see Aultmore House in Google Maps. Back in 2007, shortly after its purchase, the image of the house itself had been fuzzed out. And while I suspect it's a ghost site from the time The Aultmore was a B&B, you can see some additional pictures of its exterior here.

As we mentioned back in our "Golf"-themed podcast, "A Good Walk Spoiled," The Aultmore is close by a nine-hole course at the delightfully-named Abernethy Golf Club.

See it can take awhile, but we always work the Theme Time Radio Hour connection in there somewhere.


Fossil said...

Thjat's NOT where Aultmore House is! That might be the right postcode but it's way off the correct location for Aultmore house (post codes cover a number of houses, not an area) :-)

Fossil said...

It's in the clearing, on the hill about 800 -900metres North West of the Marker - the marker is right on the house I re-built and used to live in - however, the owner would love to rent it to you for 2,000 pounds per day, I am sure :-)

Fred@Dreamtime said...

Thanks for taking the time to make the correction, Fossil. I've updated my post with your information. Fascinating that you actually restored and lived in the house marked.